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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Music and sons

I've always loved music. Singing, playign instruments, listening to beats and counterbeats, even as far as enjoying the mathematical complexities of certain music. My wife, on the other hand, can't carry a tune in a bucket. It sometimes breaks my heart that she can't sing the kids a lullaby, or even sing to me as I lay my head in her lap.

Lance is quite the jitterbug. Put some music on, and he kicks his feet to the rhythm. A month ago, I heard loud rap music, and went to the kids oom to investigate. Lance had climbed on top of a box in front of their tv (it's on a shelf), turned it on, and changed the station until he was on BET (Black Entertainment Television). They were showing rap videos, and he was shaking that little booty for all it was worth! I bout died laughing.

Today, Logan and I were in his room while Lance napped in the livingroom. We were laying on the floor, and I started to sing something. He said he wanted some cookies. I said Nah, but then started sing the song with "nah"'s instead of the real words - kind alike humming. He started laughing, and I got an idea. I started to "sing" (using the right tunes, but no words - only Nah nah nah's) various tunes to see if he'd recognize them without the words. He pegged quite a few.

The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) - he got this one imediately
I Ran by AFlock of Seagulls
The Power Ranger theme song
Friends in Low Places by garth Brooks
La Grange by ZZ TOP
Allstar by Smashmouth
I've Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

And several more 80's tunes that I've exposed him to (ok - perhaps EXPOSED isn't the right word - specially since Mike is in that countdown)

On a sadder note, I then then sang "children's songs", like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pop goes the weasle, and a few others, and he had no clue. Makes me wonder - how many kids today are actually being exposed to songs that we (as 30-40 somethings) take for granted that "all kids know"? He knows "How nuch is that doggie in the window", because I sing that when a window seperates us. He also knwos The Streak, cause I sing that when he hauls ass (literally and figuratively) round the house after a bath.

Side note: We always say "HEY - YOU GET YOUR CLOTHES ON!" to him, and he started sayign it to us, when we would change our clothes. Today , we were walking thru the mall, just wasting time. He was walking , holding my hand, and baby brother was in a stroller. He wanted to go into a shop that sold unframed painting. One of the painting was of a naked women. He looked at it and said "YOU GET YOUR CLOTHES ON!". I laughed. Then we walked by Victoria Secret. There were several manaquines dressed in skimpy underwear. I waited for it - and waited for it - and it never came. I finally looked down at him, and saw that at the age of 3, my son was just staring into the store, with his mouth hanging open -much the same way I do. I stopped and asked him "What do you thik of all this?"

He looked up at me and said "HOT mommas".

My son!


  • At 5:02 AM, Blogger jd said…

    Hot Mamas at age 3? He's a smart one there, Shannon! Quite the lady-pleaser to be.


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