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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Something there is that LOVES a cheap fence

The neighbor decided to put up a privacy fence. They used pricey treated wood, but got a good deal on it. They also bout an equal amount of the same size fence (but untreated) for about half the price of what we could get it at. They were nice enough to offer us the untreated sections (as many as we needed) for what they paid. 6 ft tall - 8 ft wide sections for only $12 each. No too bad. PLUS, they already fenced in one entire side of our house by putting up their fence.

Our yard is already fenced in (it was here when we bout the house), but it is the saddest damn 4ft tall link fence I've seen. It keeps the dog in, but will be dangerous when the boy decides to try and climb it. I'm looking forward to having a more secure fence (and looking forward to the privacy it will offer.)

The kids are napping, and the neighbor will be over soon . The fence sections are on his trailer, and he wants them unloaded by this afternoon. WIth any luck, the kids will nap thru the download.



  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    Cheap fence? Way to go.

    We have a neighbor who fenced one side of our yard, because she thought the 5 yr old fence was ugly. I wouldn't split the cost of the new one, because it was not needed.

    But I kept most of the old wood anyways...


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