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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Quick Update

Day 3 of being in charge - and all is well. We went on a walk around the hood today. A short one, since it was very hot. Normally, we'd be all over the map, but several things are keeping us in. The truck has no air conditioning (got broke in the accident) - no gas to go anywhere - and being broke as hell. We ventrued to Chickfila today only because we had coupons for free kids meals.

Our zoo pass expired at the beginning of this month, so even zoo trips are not possible. Money is tigher than is ever has been - hoping that I get work for the weekend.

Logan is quite a chatterbox lately. Talking my ear off, actually.

Lance has suddenly grown from a "stays put" little lump - into a crawling speedster - he even is cruising now (holding onto things and standing on 2 feet as he walks around.


ps. I called the blood sucking attorneys---they said they'd settle for $8 grand. I offered them $700. They didnt accept. Guess we'll see how court goes.


  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    We raided Chick fil a with some coupons Thursday night. The cashier looked ticked that I was not buying much else.

    Then the owner, a friend from church, told her that our meal was freem, so she was really annoyed. Got to keep the coupons, too!


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