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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh Shit

I thought that my heart suck a bit regarding the last post-- Imagine how it hit the floor when I opened my mail yesterday, and found that I saw being sued by Discover Card for $9,000. It included an order to appear, with a court date in Oct. I previously had a Discover card, and after trouble with other card (like late payments), Discover took it upon themselves to do the following:
1. APR jumped from 9.9% to 25%
2. Limit on card decreased to what was owed on it - so the more I payed, the less credit I actually had. I had no late payments on this card, but they screwed me anyways. I spent time on the phone with customer service, but no help. When I stopped paying on the card, not only were they adding on shitloads of interest, but they also added $35 late fee AND $35 over the credit limit fee for each statment.

So, has anyone had experience dealing with debt recovery attorneys? Or experience in dealing with going to court over it? At one point, they offered a 50% settlement, but I had nothing to pay them with. Being a full time dad has depleated my bank account to an average daily balance of about $100.

Any suggestions on what to do about court? Anything I should file before hand? I want to call the atorney and negociate a settlement, but Im afraid that anything I tell them (I have no money, I own 3 broken down cars, ect) will be used against me in court somehow.




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