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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fun with words

Ive been boged down lately. Started training in a new martial art that makes me feel like a kid again. Not that giddy, bubbly stuff either.,...but that "man, I just am not getting this" math class styled feeling. The wife and I have had better days. Logan was on self destruct today. The baby is the only sane one so far....but he's showing signs of a wicked sense of humor...he only needs time to explore it. And the church adventure will at least come to a succcesful "mission objective achived" next week when the boys are baptised. Shame the church doesn't have a larger "small kid" population. We had hoped that in returning to church, the boys would have friends.

Annnnnyways.....I wanted to lighten up a bit.....and have been pondering some lighter thougths for tonights blog.

1. Have you noticed that some completely different words vary by only as much as 1 letter? I notice these things, because I suck at typing, and sometimes type a real word, just not the one I wanted, due to a missing letter. For example:
If you get cold, you could. The word COLD and COULD vary only because of an added (or missing) letter U.


Everyone knows the saying "Everything is funny till someone loses an eye". But consider the words PAN and PAIN. In this case (As I always tell my kids), "Everything is funny till someone gains an I".

Next time you are talking to someone, and the topic is that you pay very close attention to details, say "I always make sure that I dot my T's and cross my EYE's". See if anyone even notices. Everyone Ive ever said that to has never as much as batted an I.

Why is it that we see RE enactments, but when it happened the original time, we never call it an ENactment.

I think I hear one of the kids talking downstairs. (Plus, I ran into a mental block ). I'll write more down as they come to me. But please, feel free to add any that you know to the comment section.



  • At 12:01 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    I had a college professor who could porposefully drop a letter or two out of a spoken word, he just would not make that letter's pronunciation, right in the middle of a long talk.

    It would cause everyone in the room to stop daydreaming everytime. All of the sudden you were trying to figure out what the heck he just said...


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