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Friday, October 07, 2005

Some time to talk

Ok - both kids are asleep...the wife is downstairs...I finally have some time to myself. Figured I'd share my alone time with ya'll.

COURT DATE: I arrived 5 minutes after court started. The docket said I was the 41st case to be heard, but just as I sat down, they called 7 defendants up. All were being sued by Walpoff and Abramson (Or Wallprop and Abraham, as I call them. I hope this gets their goat, if they have one.) Instead of a walll of 5 souless suits, they only sent a small , middleages woman to mop up.
They are blood sucking leaches on the phone, but sent
a seemingly harmless flunky to court to take care of
the paper work. They had about 7 other cases that
day. I had hoped they only had me, and would either
forget to show, or plead with some last minute offer.
I was the only one, as they called all of us to the
bench as a group, that refuted the amount that was
claimed. I have no idea what the other people were
doing. The judge explained things very nicely..he
explained that the Wallprop and Abraham lawyer had
only minimal paperwork..and coulnd't refute the case
at that time. A Bill of Particulars was ordered
(which I've been asking for for over year). I should
receive this bill of particulars and a statment from
the attorneys (stating how they arrived at the amount
they claim) next month. I then have 30 days to write
out a letter stating why I refute the amount, and send
a copy of that letter to both the attorney and the
court. Another court date was scheduled for Dec or

On the door to the court room, there was a sign
stating that arbitration was avaliable for anyone who
wanted it. I was going to ask for it, to give it a
try , but they called my case as soon as I walked in
and sat down. I did, however, tell the judge that I
was more than willing to give arbitration a try..I
hoped to make myself look good. He said that was
admirable, but reminded me that the attorney for W&A
didnt know shit, and couldn't argune anything (I

Before I left, I sat down with the attorney, and
talked a bit. While I was pleasant, I discussed only
those reasons that I'd have to disclose to them anyways.
No use giving them ammo.

Found out that Discover card should have given me the chance to OPT OUT when they tripled my interest rate. That means I wouldn't be able to use the card anymore, but wouldn't be subject to the outrageous new rate. This never happened. Im sure they will say that I didnt take advantage of this option. I can point out that not only did they never offer it, I even called them and begged for something similar, and was told.."Sorrym there's nothing we can do for you".

So....Im still in a holding pattern. The attorney asked if I would be intersted in making a payoff, if given a 20% discount. I said I was interested, but not in any financial position to do so. If they would consider removing all the interest and bullshit charges, and offer a low % rate, I could arrange for monthly payments. Her response to this was "Im can tell you that the company would rather pursue the judgment for the full amount before considering any monthly payments that you may offer."
SO fuck em. If they'd rather win a judgment for a large amount that they can never collect on, rather than accepting monthly payments, let em go for it.

I'll publish this , and then write another about the kids.



  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger jc said…


    Thanks for the update, and glad to hear it wasn't as painful as it could've been. I'm supposed to go in to meet W&A on Tuesday in court, and hearing your story certainly relieves some of my anxiety.



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