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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'll be back soon

Sorry to my readers - too much been going on lately. Haven't had the time or the patience to blog. Soo many things happen each day that I think 'This HAS GOT to go in my blog", then it gets late, the kids are asleep , and I've forgotten about those blog ideas, or just can't get them typed.

Tomorrow is my 1st court date over credit cards that are overdue/closed/written off. Those pricks at Wolpoff and Abramson got ahold of my Discover card debt, and some other credit card, and have filed against me in civil court. The whole Discover card problem arose when I balance transfered higher rate cards to a nice 3.9% (or 6.9%, i forget). I balance transfered $9,000, and consolodated the hell out of my financial problems. At least I solved my problem with other cards. For almost a full year, I made payments above the minimum required, and on time. No late payments - I wasn't foolin with this card. Then , all of a sudden, they jacked up my rate to around 24%! No way in hell I'd ever see the light of day ever again at that rate. At the same time, Lance was born/or was due soon, and my home based business was really starting to fail. I lost all my employees (all 3 of them) to either them moving out of state to live, or moving out of state to go to college. That means I was the only one left that could entertain at birthday parties. Because of Logan, I could no longer snatch up all those last minute (middle of the telegrams, which was nice and easy money. So the money stopped coming in , the interest rate an dminimum payment skyrocketed. I called Discover card repeatedly, and all I got was "Sorry - there's nothing we can do for you." Now, it's come to Civil court. I've read and heard (from people and the internet) that you do't go to jail over a civil court desicion. It's still frightening, though. It's still a fear in the back of my mind that the judge will say "9 grand - couch it up, Shannon. No money? Bailiff---take this man into custody".

Im not one to welch on my debts. But thi company really stuck it to me. After I stopped paying, they lowered my limit to the exact amount owed, so that the very next day (with daily compounded interest) , I was over the limit. That mean not only was the interest each month HUGE, they were also jacking on $35 over the limit fees, and $35 late payment fees. Padding the bill for court.

Guess I'll see how this turns out tomorrow. Oh.. it'll be the first of 2 dates in court with these people. They have sent me a summons for November regarding the other credit card (almost same problem with that one).

Now for the KID stuff:

Logan is really starting to act like a big boy. The other day at the playground, there was a worker fixing part of the huge playset. He had left his tools on the ground, and went to his truck.. Logan , seeing this, looked at me and, with his palms outstretched (like WHOA!), he softly said "Careful dada, sharp tools. You no touch. Careful dad".
Im getting around to installing that fence I blogged about a while had to go to the hardware store for some posts. Logan calls Lowes the "Bob the builder store". After I told him he could come along, he dressed up in his orange Bob vest, and had a hard hat too. He sang "Can fix it - yes can!" all the way there. He had a blast! Walked down those ailes lik ehe owned the place.

Lance will either be talking our ears off soon, or walking by himself - or both! No more putting him in his swing to sit a while...he wants down and gets into EVERYTHING! I've started working with him with some simple sign language gestures. "more" and Food". As we sat down for dinner, he looked over at me and squawked. I asked and signed "more food?". He repeated it back . I was soo proud! Of him and of me. Mostly of him though.

His birthday brought with it a warm feeling that I find hard to describe. It meant that he was a year old, but it also was a kind of validation of my being able to be an at home parent. I thought "Hurray! I kept another one alive for at least a year!!" For a woman, this may not even cross her mind - but for a dad, this is a major thing. Prior to Logan, I really had no hands on experience. Even my buddy, who had 3 kids, only once ever asked me to baby sit them. I truly think he thought I was incompetent. But , here we are - Logan will be 3 at the end of the year - Lance just turned 1. I make no money from it, but God I love this job!!

Off to bed - after a get an outfit ready for tomorrow. My mom is coming over to watch the boys. Im considering taking the baby with me to court. He'll should be easy to manage - and will be much happier than being left alone with big brother and grandma.



  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger TheBeansDad said…

    good luck with the court thing.

    and your boys sound great, congrats!

  • At 7:36 AM, Blogger jd said…

    Don't worry. You can't go to jail for Civil Court matters. You'll be fine!

  • At 2:13 AM, Blogger Geoffrey Busbridge said…

    Man, I really hope court works out for you. Keep your focus and present yourself with confidence. You've got lot's of well-wishing on your side.

  • At 9:20 AM, Blogger jc said…


    I hope the court date went alright. Am in the same situation with Wolpoff&Abramson w/court next week, and would love any info about how it went.



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