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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Messed up type on last post

Weird. I tried to email someone who commented on my blog, and it failed because it originated from Blogger. I cut and pasted part of the email into the blog box, and ended up with a sever case of run on sentences. Funky!

DARTH LANCE: This little booger will be walking and talking anytime now. He's really cruising. Even by crawling, he can beat me to the front door. THis becomes a problem when I run out to the car really quick. I grab something, run back to the front door, and am greeted by Lance using the door for support. Our front door is all one big glass door, so he can see clear thru it. He just stands there and laughs at me as I try to get him to sit down. If I open the door, he'll fall forward on the concrete porch. The more I tell him to move, and wave my arms, the more he laughs and bounces.

Today , we all went the the store after the wife got home from work. She had Lance in her cart, and from 6 ailse away, I heard "DAAAAAA" "DAAAAADAAAADAAADAAA!!!". I was in the main aisle, and Lance was yelling across the store at me. It was sweet. I was talking with Logan, and thought "I know that voice". Sure enough - I was being summoned.

DARTH LOGAN: Ever night we let Logan fall asleep on a blanket on the floor of his room. I will eventually pick him up and put him in his own bed for the night. When I pick him up, he always wakes a bit. I always whisper to him "Everything's ok - you're with dada". Last night, for the first time, he opened his eyes, and whispered back "ok". My heart melted.

He's really got a thing for firefighters and firetrucks. He loves to Google pictures of them, we got him a firetruck bed, and he will accoasionally disappear to his room, and return in his firefighter PJ's, complete with hat and big rubber boots.

Listening is becoming a major issue with Logan. And a big sourse of conflict between us. Telling him repeatedly to "Get off of that gate" "Be nice to the cats" " stop hitting the glass on the door!" " Stop screaching!". Over and over until I lose my cool. The last "losing it" happened at the mall, when the repeated command was "Stop touching/pushing/hugging/bumping other kids". He did nothing out of evil intent, I must add. He is not beating up little kids. He is running around playing with kids, having fun, and gets too fired up. He startes to bounce (like Tigger), and gets vry hyper. He'll start to hug someone, while still jumping! Some kids think he is aggresive...some little kids ger scared. When they start to pull away, he thinks it's a game, and holds on /bounces more. So far, other parents have been understanding, but I know that sooner or later, some asshole parent is gonna end up filing charges over it. I hope he gets a grip on this before he goes to skool.

DARTH DADDY: Are people just assholes, or what? I hate to put it that way, but that's the way I feel. When I became a full time dad, I realized a needed to have a way or stress relief. Joinig a doj was what I wanted to do, and it worked for a while. Till the dojo became a greater sourse of stress than the kids were. Disappearing teachers, spin doctor owners, canceled name it. I lost what few friends I had when I became an at home dad. One moved away, and the other is still nice, but seems to distant himself because I have kids now. Since high skool, I've been pretty cool with being on my own. Occasionally, I start to wonder how nice it might be to have friends. Not cyber friends.....and let me say taht I truely value each and everyone of you. People who read my blog are the only adults I get to reach out to. It's be nice to have someone to meet at the gym and work out with. It'd be nice to have a group to get together with and play board games with. I'd love to check out those new dvd based games, but what's the use when it's only me and the wife? I really enjoyed the time I spent with my dojo friend, even if he did have much less experience at the arts then I did. We developed a routine, for about a month or so, where we'd meet, and each of us would explore variations of different techniques (across judo/BJJ/JJ/Muay Thai/ whatever). He quit the dojo, and shortly after I did (I think I did. See my other blog for that story). I had loaned him a jacket, and asked for it back. He set the date, time, and place, and I was late. The baby had got 3 vaccine shots the day before, and was very fussy the next day. Logan was in rare form, the wife was..well, the wife. And it slipped my mind untill 30 minutes before the meeting. We were almost done with dinner (eating out), and finished up as fast as we could. We arrived 30 minutes late, he was gone, so I came home and phoned him. The conversation was more than I expected. I started with an apology....he started on a rant about how irresponsible I was, how he lived up to his end of the bargain, and how inconsiderate I was to blow him off like that. I tried to explain, but started to get the feeling that this asshole was leading up to asking me to pay HIM to get MY jacket back.

To defuse the situation, I asked him if he wanted a donut. I figured he'd laugh, I'd swing over with some donuts, and we'd have some time to talk a bit. Instead , he asked if I wanted to , well, suck him. I was in awe. No idea where this came from. I snapped at him, he bitched back, and I figured this was not going to end up good. He still had my jacket. I asked to coem over and get it - he agreed - and I did. He handed it ot the doorway and said"Here you go". I said "Thank you" and that was that. That means, from my year at McDojo, my social encounters have resulted in the following:

1 perceived friend turned asshole
1 Jui jitsu sensei who abandoned me
1 Kung Fu that distanced himself from me when I didn't follow ONLY his style
1 BJJ teacher that was only interested in whoopin someones ass (anyones)
5 adult students who ran their mouth about what they were gonna do rather than doing it (they disappeared eventually)
1 teacher that is stuck in the past, and unwilling to accept reality of half hearted training

As for as social contacts, the best thing I got going is the Jesus people dojo. The head guy is about as nice as they come. Shame that he only has classes on Tuesdays. Sure would be nice to train under him more.

I joined a local playgroup....but I guess that women view playgroups differently than men do. Men seek playgroups for their kids to be able to have someone to play with. Women seek out playgroups to have someone for THEM to talk to. The group I joined is nice and all, but most play dates end up with 8 women yacking while Im playing with the kids. ALL the kids. I crawl up the slide tubes with the kids, I play on the forts, I jump, I hop..all that stuff. I guess most kids don't get to see an adult act this way, cause kids will see me playign with Logan/Lance (even at non play group events), and will flock to me. It's flattering, but at the same time, makes me nervous. I'll toss Logan up in the air (and catch him), then toss Lance, and then hear "Hey Mister..toss me too!! Me too!". Instead of having fun, immediately Im bombarded with images of screaming mothers, charges of child molestation, having the kids have some disease (like ..shit, cant remember it....brittle bones.) and having the kid end up "broke". Sucks what the world has come too. Sure wish my attempt to form a "dad's club" would have worked.

Well, time to raid Bearshare for some music. Catch ya'll later....and thanks for reading. It means a lot to be heard.


  • At 12:22 PM, Blogger TheBeansDad said…

    I'm going through the same stuff out here. I did find a dad's group so I look forward to Monday's but otherwise very limited real world social interaction.

    too bad about Jackey Guy.... weird.


  • At 4:00 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    Men seek playgroups for their kids to be able to have someone to play with. Women seek out playgroups to have someone for THEM to talk to.

    So true, so true. I see these moms all the time... so wrapped up in their conversations they are clueless about what their kids are doing. OH, I gotta blog about this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear dad,

    If you’re not careful, your actions will drive everyone in your family that had to live with you for any sort of time away from you. I’m not saying this out of love. I believe I’m saying this out of hate. For the very reason that your picky in areas that don’t need to be picky. You tell people what to do when their grownups and/or not under your leadership. How can you be blessed with family around you when you push them away in the ways that you act. My life sucks already, but to add what you do every day when I try to forget is a real shame. I’m hurting myself more trying to forget what you did that day or the day before. But it’s like a cancer for we try to tell you and you push away because you don’t want to hear it. Now I don’t want to hear it anymore. Your disease, I will not allow to infect me anymore. You say that I’m being disrespectful; I say you’ve been for a very long time and I say enough is enough.

    By someone’s son

  • At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is that really you? You piece of shit - turn all nasty on me, ignore my asking for help, and now post potentially criminally psychotic remarks on the blog? Crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out from.

    Any why is it that gutless wonders like you never have the balls to sign with your real name?

  • At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Matt said…

    Whoever comment, if your son's name is Matthew. I'm very sorry, an evil that should of not came out did that night. If not, I hope u work it out with your son. God bless your relationships.


  • At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Fed Up With you crazy asholes said…

    Hey - this aint "work out your shit problems on someone elses blog". If you got personal isues, take em to a shrink - don't post bullshit here like you know the author.

    Screw the problematic bastard and his unblessed relationship.

    He talks about being "infected" - just reading his post makes my friggin head hurt!!

    Go vent your personal shit somewhere else - get you own damn blog!


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