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Thursday, October 13, 2005

One problem down - 6 more to go

Ok -water problem solved. Paid the bill this mourning, came home, waited to the time frame they said to expect them ( to turn on the water). I turned the water back off, so that they could turn it back on and not know that I self served it. Anyways, water is back.

My computer has been acting weird the last 2 nights. It will boot, show windows, start a few programs, then just cut off. I think the power supply is going back. Odd thing though - both nights it was crapped out during startup, and done it about 3 times, then works fine (I say this with fingers crossed that it'll stay on long enough to let me publish this!)

Pretty, make that harmless .. day today with the boys. Road trip to pay the bwater bill, playing at home. Oh, we did go to my favorite thrift store (took a road trip). Lo and behold, guess what we got?? Background info: 2 of my favorite costumes (for me to wear) for both telegrams, kids parties and for halloween are my Bear in the big blue house costume, and my big fuzzy blue Sully costume form Monsters Inc. They also offered these costumes (at the time- a few years ago) in kids sizes, but they were around $40 each. I've tried to get them on Ebay, but they always get bid up to around $60. Today, I found both, in kid size, for $7 each! And they are in perfect condition. I thought it would be a bit too big for Logan, but he put the Bear costume and on started dancing around the house in it. I wish my camcorder was handy. (These costumes are full body costume..with feet and hands, and a big zipper..only the face area is open, but the character head sits on the top of your own head ). It was too cute. Gonna have to get him in it again when my camera has batteries that actually work.

The fencing project (fence for the house) is coming along nicely. I dont actually have any fence UP yet, but I have designed, creted and installed a double doored gateway from the house to the neighbors wall. By design, each gate is 8 ft long (the entire length of a fence section), they open outward form the center, and have a removable connection post (where they meet in the center) that can be removed if needed, to accomodate anything huge that needs to get in or out of the driveway (open space will be 16 ft across). I acomplished this by sinking a pvc pipe in the ground (in the middle where the gates meet) and then putting the cneter post in the pipe. It is sturdy, solid, and will probably take Logan bout a week to completely mess up by filling it in with dirt (when Im not looking). Gotta love helpers!

Well, off to update my karate blog.



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