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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Water water wait..shit!!!

Today, as I walked to the driveway to get my karate uniform (it neede washed, and was in the truck), a city truck pulled up and proceeded to cut off our water. The wife had said she paid the bill, but they handed me a bill for $320!

No more water, give us money..have a nice day.

ps. You can forget washing or flushing anything.
The City of Chesapeake

Turns out the wife took her good sweet time coming home from work, so I messed my aikido class (even though my uniform was a bit stinky). But when we returned home from dining out, it occured to me....if Goober from the city can turn it off, the power of the dark side should be able to turn it right back on. So...armed with pliers and my sons lion flashlight (complete with growling sounds when you turn it on), I restored water to the house. We may now flush again!

The wife wrote a check to the city, and I have to run it down first thing in the mourning. Guess I oughta turn the water back off before we go...they might get a bit pissy to find that "someone" already did their job for them. You think they'd by a story about anti establishment garden Gnomes with access to Craftsman tools??



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