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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Connected with the Force today

Funny how blogs are much funnier to read when someting went wrong. Today, nothing broke.... there was no on needed to be punished (including ME)...and all seemed right with the universe.

The day started early. Last night, Logan had asked me to lay down next to him till he fell asleep. So I did...which means the next thing I know, it's about 6am , and Lance is squawking to be played with. Last night, because Lance kept waking up and crying, we let Logan fall asleep on the floor in the livingroom, on a pile of blankets. This mourning, just as my brain registers "That sounds like Lance playfuly yellign DA DA " , I open my eyes and Logan is staring at me. He whispers "Baby wake, da". I couldn't help but laugh. I got up, got the baby, and plopped him down right between us on the blanket pile. We all played there for a short while before the wife walked in.

The wife had a playdate with a group planned for the AM, which meant I was free to attend the AM aikido class. Class went well, and it was back to home and a quick lunch. A Walmart adventure (and 2.5 hours) later, we went to church, and not once had to threaten to kill anybody.

We did have a bit of trouble with dinner afterwards, but even that worked out nicely. Lance was asleep, so we pulled into Wendy's drivethru. Waited about 5 minutes for someone to take our order (the inside was busy, but not one other car was in drivethru). The girl half ass asks us what we want. We tell her "2 single combos...both with cheese and mayo only". The screen (to ensure correctness) shows a single and a double combo--both with NO mayo. She asks if what kind of drinks. We tell her, and before we can shove YOU GOT IT WRONG out of our mouths, she gives us a total. We tell her that she has it wrong, and we are not done ordering. Silence. Then more silence. After about 2-3 minutes, she tells us to pull to the window. We get to the windoe, where she starts taking the order of the car behind us, instead of getting ours right first. She opens the window, and tells us an amount. We told her "First off - you go tit wrong. Secondly, we're not done orderign yet". The bitch closes the window, turns to her register, and takes 2 more orders. The wife is shootin flames out of her ears. She says "Screw this" and takes off, but I see that the manager is at the next window. I got her to stop in time, and we tell the manager what a bitch the girl was. He starts apologizing, says he'll talk with her, and .....dun du DAAAAA...hands over a bag of food. Then he hands over 2 big drinks. Asks if we want ketchup. As he handed it to us, the bitch from the first window realizes that we didnt pull off, but only pulled up. So she throws a shit fit, screaming to another girl that we didnt pay. AS the wife stepped on the gas to move a bit, we heard a voice from inside say "You mean that car?". I didnt yell, but said go go go gOGOGOGGOOGOGOGOOOOOOOO. We tokk off like a bat out of hell. No ..wait....rewind that. I WANTED us to take off like a bat out of hell, but the wife was driving, so we kinda drove off in what might have resembled a hurried fashion. Traffic at the exit almost screwed us....but we got out before some 400 lb manager could chase down out car.
When we got home, we found 2 half filled orders of fries......and 2 single with EVERYTHING except mayo, but no cheese......the other with only meat (no cheese of anything). I was hald tempted to call tomorrow, and complain about the crappy food we received!!

Well, time to update the karate blog. Night all.



  • At 7:58 PM, Blogger Chip said…

    excellent sleeping story. I don't know how many times I did that, lay down with them to get them off to sleep and wake up hours later still in the same place. At least you got some sleep!


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