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Monday, April 28, 2008

Playing catch up

When I started the blog, I hoped to find a few things. A means to vent when I needed to. To connect with others in a similar position as mine. As a means to keep a journal of what went on in my mind, so my kids can later look back and see me for who I am.

I've really been shying away from blogging for over a year now - since I beheld the problems that it has the potential to create. I've often had people tell me that they are proud of how I seldom hold anything back, and feel comfortable saying it like "it is". Problem is, I just ain't as comfortable with it as I once was. I've considered creating a separate blog (a private one) to continue with, just for my kids - but the idea of not being able to connect with others out in the real world makes that seem kinda lonely. I got plenty of "keeping to myself" already.

So, I will try and get back on the horse. There will be, of course, certain taboo subjects that I will try my best to refrain from. I've noticed, of lately, that religion is a subject I am best to keep my mouth shut about.

That said - on with the show...... There's a few things that I've been meaning to blog about lately...

1. Men - ya'll are some nasty no aiming sombitches. This is coming from a father of a 5 and a 3 year old. There is nothing (NOTHING) nastier than having to take my kids potty, and spend 10 minutes cleaning it before I would DARE let my kids sit on it, or come in contact with it. There are even times when I am forced to march my little potty warriors back to the table, and tell the wife that she needs to take them (hopefully, the ladies potty won't be as bad). We've even had 1 nasty incident where the smell and heat of the mens room caused me to throw up (followed of course by my son throwing up, because he saw me do it). Now anytime we go into a public bathroom, and I start coughing, so does he. For the love of all 5 power rangers - AIM DAMMIT!

2. Why the hell is everything so damn expensive???!!! The YMCA wants $50 -$150 for activities, like kids tball, or soccer. Even the local parks are charging $50. Good luck finding a martial arts school that offers classes for less than $100 a month (and without a 3/6/9/or 12 month contract.) Here's what I think about contract - if the company offers customers a service (at a fair price) that doesn't suck, you don't have to worry about locking people into a contract.

3. F*CK gas companies! I have 2 antique cars that will probably NEVER see the street again, cause I can't afford to run them. One has a 440 engine, and the other a 472. If these greedy profit driven fuckers would just be happy with 2 billion on profit, instead of 4 billion, maybe every goddamned thing would 't be jacked up in price. I'm sure glad I didn't invent an engine that works on milk! Holy shit! Seen milk prices? You have if you have kids. There's a martial arts seminar that is 2.5 hrs away from me. I have to factor in gas in the total price, and see if I can afford the TRIP! Not the seminar, but the damn TRIP!

The other day, I saw our very own King George II (President Bush, to the rest of you), and a reported was questioning him. The reporter started by stating that it looked like gas would hit $4 a gallon by summer, or fall. He was cut short by our smart ass (oil invested) king snickering "You know that for a fact? I hadn't heard that" (hehe). Think about this, King George - when the hell was the last time you had to dig around in the limo for change to put gas in? When was the last time your ass had a $10 bill in your wallet, and 3 kids in the backseat, and had to seriously decide between lunch for the kids, or 2 gallons of gas to get them to school tomorrow? Fuck you! Maybe we outta create some bicycle with armor (like a Pope mobile bike), and make his ass ride around on it for official functions. I hate being nickel and dimed to death - and seriously hate being $4 a galloned to death as well.

Dear Mr President,
Please don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.
Your unloyal subject.

3. Airbags. The airbag light in my truck (98 Chevy Blazer) stays on when it damn well feels like. Almost made me fail last years annual vehicle inspection. I don't really care if it works or not, and I need to get that damned dashboard light to stay off. Any ideas? I thought abotu pulling the dash apart, and removing the light, but I'm not sure about how much shit is attached back there (how easy it would be to pull and resintall), and I've also heard that the lights are not bulbs, but leds (so Im scared to screw with it, and cause an electrical surge in the system).

I thought about drilling a hole right through the front of the console, hopefully hitting the bulb.

I've read of people pulling a fuse, but that there are other systems linked into it, and the truck doesn't run right again.

I've also read a bunch of people (online) who suggest taking the truck to Autozone, and they will scan it for free. Autozone by me don't know shit about this. If there is a bad sensor in the front, that needs replaced, that means paying fullprice to a mechanic to run the test. (that sucks!)

Any suggestions would be great. (it only need to be deactivated during the inspection, but can be permanently dead if needed)


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