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Friday, January 11, 2008

Visit to the cardiologist

Thanks to all who have commented their support and concern over Landon. Much appreciated.

We had our visit to the cardiologist today. They performed another EKG on him, which yielded slightly different results, but still indicated a left axis deviation of the heart. He said that in most cases, if any axis deviation is present, it's to the right in infants.

They followed up with an ultrasound. End result was that they discovered Landon has something called a PDA.
They said that it is small, nothing to be concerned about, and will probably resolve itself by the time he reaches 1 year old. THey want us to return when he is one to be rechecked.

Bad thing is that this PDA thing (according to the Dr) could not have been the cause of Landon's episode. So we're still in the dark there.

We have an appt with a neurologist next week.


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