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Friday, January 04, 2008

So far , so good

Another eventless day with the baby. But the whole reality of what happened starts to kick in again when it's time to feed him. Today, he let out a loud burp, then gurgled a little, and my heart bout stopped.

Call me uberfreaked, BUT...until he find out what happened...
  1. We go NOWHERE without my cell phone. I charged it with $10, and it's good till April 1st.
  2. No more Old Country Buffet
  3. No feeding the baby without the phone close by
  4. The wife is NOT to use the canister of formula that she used that day
  5. No more dipping the pacifier in the macaroni and cheese
  6. And if we EVER have to go back to that same hospital again, I'm going to jail. We waited entirely too damn long in chairs. I wonder how embarrassed the hospital staff would be if you asked to use their phone, and called an ambulance to take your kid to a different hospital.
*(Something I wanted to note) - Logan got an mp3 player to Christmas. I loaded it up with 80's songs he asked for, and one of them was "You're the best" from the Karate Kid sountrack. In the ER waiting room, Logan climbed up in the seat next to me, started callign Landons name, and then started to sing to him...
"You're the best around, nothings gonna ever keep you down..."

That's when the tears started (mine, not his). It was such a touching moment. My 5 year old had picked such a powerful line to sing.

It's turned bitter cold in the last few days. Even snowed for a few minutes the other day.

Other stuff:

If anyone happens to have QUICKSITE 2.5, or Web Page Construction kit 4.0 - can you please send me the registration code?? I've been using this program for years, and it recently UNregistered itself. I remember when I bought the program, that the code wasn't included. I had to call the company, and they said "Oh yeah - we forgot". I can't find the install disk, where I wrote the code on.


  • At 9:36 PM, Blogger Darren said…

    I haven't read any blogs for a while, but just read your last few posts. What a scare! I hope everything stays quiet.


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