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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Picking it back up again

I really need to start posting again. Been kinda shy since my martial arts blog blew up in my face. I need to watch what I post - but that has never been a trademark of mine. Not here and certainly not in real life.


A week or two ago, the wife accidentally gave the baby soy based formula. It was a brand new can, but it was the same exact brand as what he had on New Years night - the night that we almost lost him. Shortly after his bottle, he had a similar reaction - throwing up and slowed responsiveness. Not nearly to the degree as new years, but enough to make us suspect that what we had here was an allergic reaction to soy.

We took him in to have him tested, but the test needs to wait a week or so. We just had him in for an MRI, and after 6 times of sticking him, they couldn't get the sleepy drug into him. We had to cancel the mri. And my little pin cushion had no more veins for the soy test to draw from.

An EEG came back clear. So we really REALLY feel that soy is the culprit.

Well, I've found a new home from home. When I need a break from home, I go to my dojo. When I need a break from my dojo, I have found a wonderful Kung Fu school to visit. It's really good to be hooked up with a christian martial arts organization. No fussing over contracts, or membership fees, or all the trappings of commercial dojos. Just nice people who want to share the art. I learn new things, and am invited to share my experiences to broaden the scope of their students. I even founded an Aikido Fellowship. With luck, I'll be able to work with some local churches and organizations, and set up training times. It's good to turn a hobby I love into something that I can pass on to others. My sons love it too (specially Logan).

More to type, but I need to hit the hay. 6am comes earlier and earlier each day.


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