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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What is with these crazy bastards?!

Is it justme? Or are some of you out there (people with blogs) that have been having weirdos post some crazy shit recently?

The other day, we went out to eat, and 'ran into' the owners of that horrible McDojo I used to go to. Didn't say anything - never knew if they saw me - but later that SAME night, someone posts a comment to my blog. It was posted to an entry WAAAAY back to 1995 or so, was that specific dojo related, and sounded like some 15 year old punk on Red Bull. The comment stated how I was a wimp and such, cause I hung out with the kids at the dojo, and was a scared to train with the real adults at night. This rant went on for a few paragraphs. But it didn't add up. I only trained at night, never met the guy they said taught there (who could apparently kick my ass) . It was as if a complete stranger came across that entry , and felt compelled to type shit .


Just last night, some pick from CA visits my blog around 2am, and posts this little gem.

It also was from 1995. What the f*ck?? The coment made it sound very personal, and factually incorrect. Who the hell are these fruit loops with too much time on their hands??

ps. Info on the second guy:
Host Name
IP Address Disease [Edit Label]
Country United States
Region California
City Yucaipa
ISP Verizon Internet Services Inc
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 7 hours 26 mins 27 secs

That's right - 7 friggin hours this asshole was on my site. I don't get it


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