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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh - one more thing for you watch out for - the newest SCAM

Poor people have a new scam. no more of that boring 'standing on the street corner' mess. The new scam is to drive their car to a parking lot (Walmart, KMart, Grocery Store, Wendy's, etc), and approach people for money. The boohoo story is that they have run out of gas, and desperately need to get back home, or to their job, or whatever. I got taken twice but f*kers like this, and finaly today, caught one in the act. The wife went into Walmart, and I stayed in the car. This trailer park reject rolls up in a pick up truck, scopes out his prey, and starts approaching people with a "I ran out of gas" story. Mind you, he had enough gas to pull into the spot next to me - AND it was the 2nd time he repositioned his truck.

He finally gets some money from a woman - walks back to his truck, and sits in the back seat. He watched her until she left, and as soon as she did - BOOM - his ass was right outta that seat and back to begging.

He made a mistake when he decided to roll up on my wife and son as they returned. I was out of our truck like a Swat team - cut him off on his approach after he initiated verbal contact, ordering him back to his vehicle, and told the wife to get the boy loaded. Then I stood guard until they the family and 'stuff' was secured.

Con artists piss me off - but when they approach my family....


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