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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Other goings on

The wifes grandfather passes away a few days ago. He was in his 90's. His passing was expected at any time, but as with all loss, regardless of the anticipation, it still strikes without warning.

The boys were on the best behavior during the wake and service.

Logan liked seeing "great paw" when he was alive. He's still much to young to grasps the concept of loss on this scale, but to prepare him for it, I tried to explain death to him. (There was no body at the wake or service - he'll be cremated. Not sure how Logan woudl ahve reacted to seeing a corpse ).

Anyways, I explained to him the within each of us there is a spirit. A life force. And that sometimes, that spirit wants to be free. Free from being sick, and from being old. He followed along, and acted like he understood.

But I think I did a much better job when I compared our spirit to batteries in a toy. I explained that just like when you remove battereies from a toy, that kinda what happens when our soul leaves the body. The battereies can go somewhere else to be recharged - and maybe even put into another toy - the the body of a dead person was like a toy without batteries. It used to move fast, then started to slow down , and now doesn't move at all anymore. We miss our toy. We miss playing with it, but the toy isn't sad anymore. It can't break, or be slowed down anymore.

A few times since then, he's seen dead people on a tv show, and commented not only that they were dead, but that their batteries had been removed.

Tonight (the church service was this morning), before he fell asleep , he informed the wife and I that his batteries were very strong. We said "They sure are, sweetheart - they'll last you 100 more years"


  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    My sympathies for your family's loss.

    I've also used the "battery" idea to explain some deaths we've encountered. Unfortunately, Katie is in this mindset of "get a newt one".


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