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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Im alive - Im pretty healthy - just been slack about posting on the blog. I was gonna pass it by tonight, but I wanted to make a list of things I hope to comment on soon.

The TV show Black/White

Lance has finally started to walk.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Actually, this oen will be a movie review. I so want this dvd, but the kids fell aslwwp in the car on the way to Walmart tonight. I'll pick it up tomorrow and let ya'll knwo how it was.

Aikido testing coming up in April.

What I didn't get outta going back to church,

Zen stories for the kids

Reconnecting with music from my past.

The boy's music favorites , and how they've changed.

How all the yardwork is defrosting with the weather - and multiplying the more I ignor eit.

Markie Post - what ever happened to her? She was hot!

I'll be back tomorrow..


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