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Friday, March 10, 2006

My accomodating children

I feel dead! Achey head, runny nose, and this damn cough. When I laugh (or it sometimes attacks just because), I start to cough and hack. At the same time, the coughin causes my lower spine to hurt, which doubles me over (or more accurately put - ukemi (fall) to the ground in pain). I thought I was a step ahead for amoment- pu tit is smarter than me: When I felt the couch coming on, I would lay down on my back, and scrunch my knees to my chest. No lower back pain. But instead, my temples would POUND like a drum.

For most of the mouring, I was on the couch in a state of stuppor. I'd come to, now and again, and see that the boys were playign nicely. A few times, I'd wake up to find that one, or the other, or BOTH boys had crawled up next to/on top of me, and were sleeping too. We all are sick now.

Around 1030am, the front door started to open - which freaked me out. I just came too, still had the chills, saw tat both the boys were close to me, and had no idead who was coming in. I grabbed a jo and started stalking the front door, and found it was the wife. She also had been running a high fever, and got sent home from work. We all spent most of the day in and out of sleep - wherever we happened to be.

(Side note: fever dreams suck - last night, I woke up with the chills. I imagined that Bumbledor had granted me special exemption from cold, because the blanket I had on started with the same letter as the word "bear". I drifted back to sleep - still freezing. I dreamt that I woke up shortly afterwards, and trned on the heater. I really wok eup 30 minutes later, still freezing, with no blanket, no heater on, and no friggin magical exemption. Imagine my suprise.)

COURT STUFF: I mailed a very nicely worded 'request' for a letter of dissolution from th eold dojo. I'll give them 30 days to comply, and then will go on the offensive. And there aint gonna be no more bullshit mediation this time.

I'd chat more, but I feel like shit. Im off to bed.


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