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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fever dreams

Im done bein gsick. Not in the pysical sense - but I'm ready to throw in the towel.

The night before, I fell asleep listening to a commercial that allows you to view your credit report. In my delusional sleep, I printed up 10 copies of my report, placed them in different colored folder, and then spend the next hour arranging them. First by color, then by size, then in alphabetical, and so on.

But last night takes the cake.

I watched "What lies beneath", with Harrison Ford. FOr 3 hours, everyone I met in my dreams had to walk thru the woods, and dip their hand into this lake, or else Harrison Ford would get them. Sometimes he got them anyways. I woke up, realized I was in a loop, and tried to take a different image back in to the dream. I imagined judo moves. But shortly after falling asleep, all my judo partners had (like the others) to dip their hand in the pond, or Mr. Ford would seal their fate.

I finally woke up in a pool of sweat. It felt like someone had poured a glass of water on me.

Today, I felt better, and the kids did too. SO I ventured to the zoo to give them some fresh air. I was ine for a while, but then the fevver started up again, and we had to come home.

The kids are downstairs sleeping, as is the wife, and I plan to be shortly.

BTW- I finally got over that Harrison Ford glitch by imagining that I had a shotgun to return to someone. I can't explain it - but it worked.

Night all


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