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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lazy summer day

The wife woke me up at 8am today - telling me that she was taking Logan outside with her to mow the grass. 8am! But - I figured it gave them something to do, and the baby and I more time to sleep.

Spent most of the day bummin around the house. Went to ARby's for lunch. Logan seperates the word as if it were R B's. Cute. We ended up at the club (YMCA) and went swimming for a few hours. Had so much fun, we forgot about the time, and ran over itno "dojo time". Lately "dojo time" has been a major buzz kill, so I stayed with the family and had instead.

FLASHBACK TO MONDAY: I was really excited that the judo guy was coming back. He said to meet him around 5:30, so I show up a few minutes before that. Office staff inform me that I just missed him. He changed his mind about the times, and wants to have kids classes from 5-6, and adult class from 6-7. Cept that he never bothered to come back for the 6-7 class. I was pissed. The only other adult student passed on coming, which left me alone in the studio to sit and spin. If I was taking karate, or TKD, it would be easier to work out alone. But you cant practice judo throws without a partner. You cant practice jujitsu on an imaginary opponent. Could have worked my Muay Thai a bit, but even for that, it's better to have a partner hold pads for you, rather than just hit the free standing heavy bag. I ended up going home and enjoying some icecream with the boys.

TUESDAY was a bit better....I attended another Iaido class (Samurai Sword drawing class). THis time, instead of the blue outfit (see photo below), I wore my standard white karate gi, and put the hakama over it. Looked sweet (forgot my camera).

** Instant MORON alert......I got up from the computer, and went to check on Logan. He's been in his room for a while now, with a little tv on. I wanted to make sure he was in bed, and turn the tv of if he was asleep. As I turned to get up, I saw my cat laying behind me, with is paws raised in front of him (sleepign on his side), very similar to a efensive kung fu position. As I turned, I raised my own hands up, to mimic his position, and CLANG CLANG...raised my hands right into the damn metal wind chime we have in the archway. Moron! I quicky silenced it, and luckily, it dodnt wake either sleeping prince. But it DID give the wife somehing to joke me about the next time she says something dumb.

Well---off to cruise the web. Oh yeah, I left a YAHOO group titles Martial Arts. The group sucked. Only a few emails, every now and again, and the moderator (Melissa) started to allow only posting that were inline with her thoughts. So much for an open discussion of varying opinions. After leaving that group, I subscribed to an Aikido group. Turns out, it is not just any group----it is headed by a head honcho on Aikido. Cant remember his name, but I saw a special on him on TV once. Heavy set, 40's or 50's, buzz cut hair. I will get the exact name of the group and post it for anyone who'd like to join. The emails fro the head honchoguy are very insightful. Any postings not from him are written very respectfully, and are also informative. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in martial arts, and in mor ethan just punch, block and kick. (WIthout all that weirdo Zen double talk).



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