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Saturday, July 02, 2005

In defense of Diesel

It always makes me wonder when
1. Movies that I LOVE are in the $5 discount bin at Walmart
2. Actors/hollywood refers to movies I LOVE as "The biggest mistake they ever made".

Blade Runner is a cult classic, and beloved in my house - yet considered a stinker by Harris Ford.

The 13th Warrior can be quoted verbatem in my house , yet is considered a poopoo movie by Walmart.

I can list others, but the latest is the buzz around how Vin Diesel passed up Triple X 2 & Fast/Furious3 to make The Chronicles Of Riddick. I love Vin-his most recent movie sucks badly (see previous post), but I really liked Riddick. I liked HIM as Riddick. Now Fast/Furious I could have done without. I have the first or second one - and wasn't impressed. It didnt appeal to me, even though Im into modifying fast cars. Seemed like some lame ass surfer/skater movie, that appeals to the 12-19 yr male population. (Get yourself a cutesie little term, like NOS, and run it into the ground). As for Triple X, I havent seen #1, but have no desire to watch Ice Cube be a pretend badass in #2.

RELATED: As a rule o thumb, along with Sean Penn and any Baldwin Brother, I am swearing of Tom Cruise Movies. Craving attention is one think, bu t his moron is in the news waaaay too much for too much stupid shit. Poor Katie - hope she's gettign paid well.

NOT RELATED: Im watching VH1 the other night, and hey are having the top 101 Celebrity WHoopses. They have a girl on there making comments, and Im imediately in love. No idea who the hell she is, but she's prety and whitty. Watched it again, and found out her name is Jessica Coen. She is the editor of, and has her own blog (that you can leave comments on---damn). Anyways, Im visiting various blog sites the next day, and all of a sudden, people are refering to/referncing Wonder if I was just under a rock? Or if a publicity stunt like having an adorable unknown ragging on hollywood bigwigs really works. Dunno . I still wish she lived down the street (schwing!!!)

ON THE HOMEFRONT: Would you think there is somehing mentally wrong with a woman who responds to " Do you have his b-l-u-e p-a c-i "? with "We've already read 2 of them." ?? It happened to me.

Hope everyone (all 4 of you) have a happy 4th. We're heading to the beach. The wife thinks it's fun to enter ourselves as part of the food chain. If the bul sharks dont get me, I'll see ya'll later.



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