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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Desperately seeking Judo

Flash back to the 80's - but it's not Susan Im after---it's Judo. Im hooked. Addicted, I dare say. It has all the physical umph that Ive been looking for. Sadly, the Judo sensei hasnt shown up in 2 weeks. I plan to call him later today, and ind out if he's just out on vacation, or if he's quit. Really hope it's just a vacation. Adam and I have started to pick up on the judo training, and it sure would be nice to have a bigger class. Since the judo class started (and combined with the Muay Thai), Im now down to 228 pounds (from 240). Im getting leaner and meaner.

Kids are taking their nap - wife is busy online...wonder what trouble I can get into ...

Truck news (1998 Chevy Blazer - 4x4-6 cylinder) : It took 2 days, but I finally got that water pump fixed.

I ended up having to remove the water pump with the fan assembly still attached. Even the auto parts people couldn't get em apart. I searched online, and found another person with my solution, just same problem. Soooo - I ended up removing the back cover of the water pump, and froze the swirly thing inside of it. I used a large C-clamp, a baby wrench, and a brick to stop that damn wheel from turning...then I attacked the big bolt (other side) with a pipe wrench. Finally worked. The hardest part of putting it all back together was those damn cardboard seals on either side of the water pump.

You would think that, being a 98, it would have had an electric fan - I even considered not fully installing the clutch fan, and sticking in an electic fan. But - It suprised me that when reattaching the fan assembly, it was a breeeze! No water leakage, and I even learned a thing or two. I got a first hand look at the engine block. I had been wondering if there was any hidden damage caused by the acident (with the drunk driver). Looks like there is none. I WAS , however, able to find the reason the air conditioner dont work. During the accident (in October), the collision damaged the a/c condenser (small radiator looking thing thats between the front grill and the real radiator. I had tried ading coolant, and it hissed right out - but I wasnt able to locate the problem area. With al that "stuff" out of the way, locating the leak was easy. Advance auto parts has a replacement for abot $200 (OUCH!!), and Ebay has one for $100. I'll chack out the local junkyard this week, and see if I can locate one cheaper.

Back to karate stuff- JJ the lesser has invited me to join/check out an Iaido class tonight. Im not to amused about all the praying that Im gonna have to deal with (it's a christian jesus people based non-profit-dojo). BUT, it's the only way Im going to get into an Iaido class. I've had that Hakama and top for almost 9 months now, and only worn it once (for Logan). Logan was excited when I told him daddy had sword class tonight. We've watched The Last Samurai bunches of times, so he understands what daddy wil be doing. I just hope it don't suck.

Ok - back to the daily grind. Cath ya'l later.



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