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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Wednesday: Wasted a trip to the dojo - only the lesser the "lesser" teacher was there. I really dont mean to be insultive by calling him the lesser, but he's a shodan, and IVE had to show him things, or correct him when he was teaching another student. He's really trying to "get back into it", but at this time, his memory isnt all it should be, and he is reather sloppy. Im really missing Linda (the other jujitsu sensei). I spoke to her on the phone the other day...hard to tell if she is planning on coming back. Sounds like it will depend on how much better a deal she can negotiate with the owners.
To further make the night a waste, the judo guy didnt show up. AND - no one bothered to tell me that the kung fu guy was out for the week. I swear, this place can really piss me off. OR, if you prefer, interupt my chi flow. There are only few other students at this place (tat are over the age of 10). Of them, one is only taking jujitsu with "JJ the lesser", one is (I suspect) boffing the KF guy, and has as much interest in martial arts as I do is the finer points of work farming, and thats about it. The only name on the "oughta call" list is me.

BTW: for the third sash requiment - the sifu has created what he calls the 18 earthly hands. It is a kind of form that demonstrates 18 different stance/hand/animals. Cept that is has over 23 moves, AND he forgot to include one. He taught it, but left it off the list that he gave me. I plan to take some time to dedicate to this - finally something neat that not only includes a buncha animals, but if I can learn the individual steps, I can start to mix them up - change the pattern and form my own. Ive been looking for a time/means to "do something on my own". This may be it.

Thursday: Had a decent day, then headed off to Muay Thai class. Whoopass workout as always. We worked on speed and repetition kicks. Our partner hald pads around their mid section, and we are to hit the pads as many times as possible (with round house kicks - same leg) within a minute. The goal was to kick the pad 60 times = 1 kick per second. I did fine for the first 15-20 second - then my leg felt like a lead weight. We did this with both legs. They counted kicks : I got 78!! I had to stop a few times ad get my balance, but I whooped! I think a good drill wil be to start with 15-30 seconds, and go all out. After a while, up the time. A minute seemed a bit long to start with.

Friday night, we ALL got sick. The wife had a bitchy attitude and complained of a throbbing head. Lance had a mild fever. Logan had a mild fever and a runny nose. And I - I felt liek shit. High fever, dizzyness, fatigue, loss of appitite, you name it. To further my suffering, the wife insisted on running the air conditioner AND blowing the fans into the room. Im under 3 blankets, shivering and this heartless bitch yells at me for turning of the fans. It's almos as if (and Ive blogged of this before), there is a "one up" contest between us. I swear, I could come home with a dislocated head, and before Id have a chance to say anything, she'd have something wrong that was worse. Ive almost wanted to start faking something- anything--just so I can have something BEFORE she does. For Christmas, I think I'll get her some sympathy---cause she sure is lacking it.

Saturday - still under the weather, but the fever broke, and I can get around. I had a gorilla singing telegram, followed by a 3 yr old birthday party to entertain at. Sure glad I got feeling better when I did. We missed church because of my party, but Im sure they did fine without us. I have a tedy bear telegram tomorrow. Good thing too, cause my bills are ue (dojo included).

Ohh- the dojo sent out a newsletter detailing their "grand opening", and their new location. They had the nerve to brag about offering 10 different martial arts. They threw the word "Olympic" into the judo, listed the capiero that the guy said he wasnt gonna teach, AND had the fucking never to list Iaido and kendo.

My thanks to Ruth for the email.

FAMILY NEWS: within the last 2 weeks, the baby has started to sit up for short periods of time. He's got 4 or 5 teeth now, and has 2 breaking at the same time. And Logan is now fully potty trained. He's so concerned not to get his superhero underwear wet, that we havent had to use diapers in over 3 weeks. Even over night! There have even been twice that he's headed back to the potty all by minself, went peepee, fluc=shed, put his clothes back on, and came back out to brag. 2 and a half, and alreay going potty by himself - Im SO PROUD!!

Oh, as a stopped off at home between parties today, I noticed that all the radiator fluid was pouring out of the bottom. Id say that the water pump has gone--a shitload of work. I sure hope that it's not a cracked block. If I cant get it fixed right quick, looks like my 77 hearse may move up to "primary family car". That should make the arabs happy - with the 440 8 cylider under the hood. Gassing up is gonna HURT!!!

Well, off to bed.


  • At 1:34 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    It was a glorious day when we realized that both kids are dry through the night! No more diapers or nighttime pull-ups. No more pee-soaked sheets. It's paradise...


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