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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Playing catch up

Where to start----let's see -

Monday - No judo guy at the dojo, but had a decent workout anyways.

Tuesday - Finally got to wear that damn hakama !! JJ the lesser got me an invite to an Iaido class at a different dojo, Karate for Christ. Bad point- having to REALLY watch my language. Good points: AS perviously stated, finaly got to wear my samurai costume AND, because it's a religious based dojo, they said that it was by donation only. No contract to sign, no having to sell blood for extra dojo money. Sounds good so far. There were about 25 people in the class, varying belt colors and ages. Most used bokens, and a few higher belts used dull swords. I had heard that it was prefered, if I had one, to wear my I did...making me not only the "new guy", but the ONLY ONE wearing the top and hakama. Add my customized hachimaki (headbank), and I sure turned a few eyes. Everyone was just learning, so I didnt feel funny looking professional, but not knowing what to do. Nice group. I think that I will bring a dull sword next time. There are certain movements that require you to hold the sword with the right hand, and move the scabbad with the left...this is hard to simulate (moving a ficticious scabbard). But - YIPPE ---Im finally taking Iaido!!!!

Wednesday: Found out that JJ the greater will return to the dojo on the 25th! (HURRAY!!). Also found out that Judo guy will return Monday (ANOTHER HURRAY!!). Made a complete fool of myself on the phone with him, trying to convey that I valued his teaching, was addicted to the art, and would follow him anywhere he went (meaning to another dojo). Im not sure, but with the limited time we had to talk, and the language barrier (he is Iranian), I think I may have come off sounding like a teenager saying "Im like SOOOO glad that you're not breaking up with me!!) Anyways...the weeks should get interesting for a while. He wants to have class Monday/Wednesday AND Friday. Sooooo:

Monday: Judo, followed by Jujitsu
Tuesday: Iaido
Wednesday: Judo , followed by Jujitsu
Thursday : Kung Fu, followed by Muay Thai
Friday: Judo & Recover from Monday thru Thursday!!

As you can see from the below picture, Lance got his very first taste of French Fries. We bit off the ends, and he gnawed it to get the squishy center out. That little booger has 7 teeth now! 2 on the bottom, and 5 on top.

We went to the Picture people a few days ago (incompetent jackasses). We bought (also had coupons) 3 pictures that they managed NOT to fuckup. One is a family shot, the second a lone shot of Lance (sitting up all by himself!), and the third is a shot of Logan doing Karate. I'll post them as soon as I get them scanned.

Well, off to pry the newest Harry Potter book from my wifes sleeping death grip.


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