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Friday, July 22, 2005

Bastards sucked me in

I was/am an advid follower of the Farscape sereies on Scifi. I have all the dvds, since they decided to cancel the show, AFTER it was labeled the "Most successful scifi series". Canceling the show ruffled quite a few feathers, mine included. It seemed like those morons over at the SCI FI were more interested in promoting STARGATE, and piss on those of us who were Farscape fans.

I refused to watch Stargate, and sent hate mail to the the Scifi channel on a regular basis.

It looks like someone at the station has a brain, and they have installed Ben Crowder and Claudia Black as characters in Stargate. I watch it as I type. Way cool. They are, of course, different characters, but its sweeeet to see both of them again.

Gotta go...commercial is over.



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