Adventures of Darth Daddy

Friday, June 13, 2008

Looking back

As Darth Landon has begun to become mobile (starting to use his knees to crawl, and refuses to stay in one spot), I happened upon a video tape I had made a few years back. In it, Darth Lance was about the same age as Landon is now - it was unbelievable watching that tape. Logan was soooo young - and his speech was monosyllabic. And Lance could only screach, and was barely able to pull himself up. Amazing how much has changed over the past few years.

The other day, Logan was talking about ghosts and monsters - and said that if I even saw one, it would "Scare you the HECK!"

Then again, the other day we were driving, and some jackass cut us off. Logan called him a "meat ass". I frown on my kids using that kind of language (specially at the age of 5), and promptly corrected him (that is, AFTER I was able to get control of myself from laughing so hard!!)


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