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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hard day - harder life

Been a bit stressed lately. Money is very tight, it's hard to get out alone anymore, and the new baby is due the first week in September.

Add to this that I took the 4 yr old to dojo tonight. That isn't too bad, but after class, we were fooling around - and he threw a sai about 10 ft at me. Mini-sai his sized - but enough to crack my index fingernail and give me a hell of a blood blister under it. I snapped at him - then felt like shit. I teach my students to keep their cool, then I go and lose mine in front of them.

Meanwhile, back in Cleveland -
I've been hoping that someone (anyone) from my old elementary school in Cleveland would stumble across this blog and write me. No luck so far. So, figured I'd make another post with the school's name in it, and hope the search engines pick up on it if anyone is doing a search for old classmates.

Saint Stanislaus ( St Stans) elementary (elem) school, in Cleveland Ohio.
Slavic Village. Fleet ave and East 65th st (ish).

I've googled a few old classmates names, and always come up empty. A few I don't even know how to spell. Maria Brakavitch is one (Brake - a - vitch). I always joked around about her, and it wasn't until I moved that I appreciated how much "herself" she always was. Wish I had been better friends with her.

Catherine Grams was a sweetheart - had major crush on her - always wondered how she turned out (and why she never would go out with me). Stacey York was kinda bitchy (and really into Rick Springfield). Cheryl Lango had a feminine Napoleonic complex. I think she became a doctor. One day, a nasty note from a "mystery person" appeared on my desk, stating how people don't like other people who are boastful and braggards. Obviously meant for me (I really don't think I was THAT bad), but figured she was the sender. Munchkin overachiever. Should never dated her after Phillip Wesolowski (my then best friend) moved away.

Let's see - Eric Slesinger was nice - total jock, but a smart one. Danny Riziki was into cars and racing.

Then there was MY crew - Michael Davidson - Michael Elswick - and Donald Morton. Elswick and Morton were sworn enemies - Mike would hound poor Donald to death, and picked on him all the time. I chimed in as well, so I'm just as guilty of owing Donald an apology for being shitty to him. It was weird - Donald and I got along great when Mike wasn't around - but introduce Mike to the mix, and all hell broke loose. Davidson was an odd duck. After we graduated grade school, he seemed the one to be in the most hurry to "grow up". Sometimes it seemed like showing off.

Over time, I fell out of contact with them all. (all three, at least). Davidson was off trying to be cool - Morton dropped off the map - and Elswick and I fell out when he refused to come down to Virginia to see me. (We had a summer exchange planned, but he wussed out). The last time I saw Donald, I went to his house, and he was pissed off (or disappointed) that I had moved and not written like I had promised. Probably felt like I blew him off. I didn't - just sucked at writing letters.

There was a very VERY cute little girl who i met at the ARNCW club (referred to as the Russian Club). (I remember 2 really neat guys that worked their - Big Zeke and Little Zeke. Big Zeke was a postal worker, and little Zeke was a bald old guy that bartended). Mom was a member, and they only let members in. They had a cool pinball table -and a bowling machine that I RULED on. The girls name was Danielle.

It's a shame all the problems that people go through in their life. A shame that friends fall out of contact, and it's years later that we look around and say "Hey, what every happened to...". I look at the class pictures from St Stans, and remember those people like it was yesterday. Wonder if any of them do the same, or if I'm the sole owner of the photographic evidence that we all survived 1977 through 1984 while dealing with Catholic school, nuns, growing up, and each other.

Well, it's almost 4:30am, and we have an early morning tomorrow. We have a meeting around 9am, during which an IEP (individual Education Plan) will be created for Lance (speech and developmental delays). the time I get to sleep, it'll almost be time to wake back up. I thought that sai hit me pretty hard - just wait until tomorrow morning takes it's best shot.

Night all....


  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    I tried shaking down some old schoolmates this way also and it didn't work too well. I did notice on the message boards you can leave a "link". (They frown at email addresses, need an account to get a hold of anyone, but a link - works. if you do the a href= thing. That may help.

  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger PhilWes said…

    Careful what you wish for...looks like the search engines paid off. Didn't figure my name and Eric's in the same google entry was coincidence. Although for your best friend at the time you spelled my name wrong. There is only one 'L' in Philip! And I really prefer Phil nowadays anyway... Email me!

  • At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    Shannon, looks like Google paid off again! You were correct - this "munchkin overachiever" is a physician now. I can also tell you with a clear conscience that I did not leave any such note on your desk twenty-five years ago. However, I must admit that I do still have somewhat of a feminine Napoleonic complex. :) My email is I hope you are doing well!!


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