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Monday, July 09, 2007

Say WHAT?!

My oldest son - amazes me sometimes. He can be yelled at several times for just making the most annoying sounds - just to make them.

And then, he can shock the hell outta me. I've been teaching the karate class how to say hello in Japanese. Also, I've added how to introduce yourself. I stuck to a simple version, but recently learned a more formal version from a video lesson. At the dojo, I taught people to say
"Konichiwa. (insert name) des." Roughly translated means, "Hi. I'm (name)".
The video version said "Konichiwa. (Name) des, dozo yurushku." (adding 'pleased to meet you).

Today, Logan walked in the room, so I said "Konichiwa, Logan-san." And to my amazement, my son responded with :

"Konichiwa, dada san. Logan des. Dozo yurushku." It took me 2 months of practice to remember "dozo yurushku", and he just spouts it out like it nothing.

LATER THAT NIGHT, as he was falling asleep, I was telling him that I loved him more than the ocean has water. (We went to the beach today). He says "Dada, I love you more than if you were in the ocean, sitting in a pile of peanut butter, in a deep deep part. Cause I can do THAT."

Don't know where he got THAT one from - but I get the message loud and clear.


  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Sitting on a Pile of Peanut Butter. Now that's a winner. =O)


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