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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good daddy, good sensei, bad blogger

As a blogger, I have recently been a failure. Selfish, I guess. I spend so much time devoting myself to the boys, trying to salvage my marriage, develop goals and teaching plans for the dojo - that I seldom get any time for myself. When I do get a break at night to go online, I'm usually taking the opportunity to research "stuff" or just watch a movie.

By "stuff" I mean all that "I wonder" stuff that crosses the mind throughout the day. Why do the wind patterns of Jupiter rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise? What kind of bug was that I saw in the garden this afternoon? What's the difference between igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks? What advances have been made in the area of plasma, as related to 'states of being'? Why the hell does my HP m425 camera INSIST on focusing on the things 10ft behind my son, and not on his face? That kinda stuff.

I recently got to go on a mini vacation. I got to officiate (and compete) in a big karate tournament in Tennessee. Quite a drive. 8 hours. But it was well worth it. Gonna make a post about it - too much to go into and keep anyones interest.


I actually got published. A long time ago (about 3 years) I got interviewed by someone for some parenting magazine. I'd long since forgot about it, until 3 months ago. I got a call from an editor that wanted to confirm my remarks. I obliged, and didn't think much of it, cept for how outdated it was. When I first became a full time dad, I had a Boba Fett diaper bag /backpack that would have rivaled even Dora the Explorers backpack. You name, I had it. But as time went on, I started to realize what was needed, what could be left in the car, and slowly downgraded to my current equipement (1 diaper, a zip lock bag with 3 wipes in it, and about 6 bandaids). This will undoubtedly increase once the new baby arrives, but not anywhere near what I started off carrying.
Anyways, I didn't ask the name of the magazine, and soon forgot about the call. Last week, I'm sitting in the waiting room (baby dr appt), and between wrangling the boys, I started browsing thru a magazine. A saw a picture of a guy with with a big ol backpack, and I thought "Hey, that looks like me". It wasn't me in the picture, but a quick scan of the article revealed my own name, and my quote. WOOHOO. I published! (kinda)

I'll update the blog with some new pictures soon, and tell more about that Tenn trip, and what's going on at the dojo.

If you're reading this, thanks to all for hanging in there.


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