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Friday, March 30, 2007

Took little man to the YMCA to play a bit of ball. We'll be kickign our membership to the curb shortly. It's costing us $75 a month fo r a family membership, and they really haven't showed us they are worth it. I've been ousted from the childwatch area (when parents are ENCOURAGED to participate - I guess they meant MOMS are encouraged), they LOST my toddler one day (they took the kids outside to play, and between the playground and the return trip in, they "misplaced" Lance for a minute, they never had any programs that are geared towards my needs (something that my and my kids can do together), their martial arts programs suck (and charge a pretty penny for it as well), and even though the wife has friends who are getting reduced memberships through the so called OPEN DOOR program , we were flat out rejected (even though they are making roughly 10 grand more a year than us, and we've got 1.5 kids more than they do).

I even pitched an idea to the Y that I'd conduct a karate class once a week, in exchange for the $35/mo family membership that they offer employees. They turned up their noses at me. Now I an certified through Karate For Christ, they largest Christian martial arts organization in the world. I figured with all the bible verses they painted all over the walls, and that I would do it for free, it was a sure sell - but no. They'd rather pay nitwits to do "sessions", and charge the members extra for classes - than to offer members a free class.

I just might have to break my Bally's membership out of mothballs.
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