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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Seems like you can't go very far nowadays without someone trying to milk money outta ya. If it aint the gas stations overcharging for their fuel, it's the cable company jacking up their rates. (BTW - Cox Communications is NOT my friend in the digital age!).

But it's the subtle blood suckers that urk me the most. For example, order a Whopper, add cheese, and see the price get jacked up 60 cents. (We've started smuggling in our own cheese. Used to be we only had to smuggle candy into movie theaters). Asso, while we're on fast food places (like Booger King), have you ever taken a good look at your receipt? A meal combo will be posted as $2.99. You can get it "large sized" for 80 cents more, or SUPER GIGONDO sized for $1.20 more. If you don't specifically tell them you want that number 2 combo SMALL sized, they will automatically jack you up for the upgraded combo. Happens at Rally, Burger King, and a few others.

The most recent blood lettings involve my cell phone and my tv. We'll start with my phone. I've had a pretty nice plan for about 2 years now. The year long contract ran out - and I downgraded to a non contractual $5 a month plan (no long distance and 12 cents a minute). Great for the occasional emergency call. Now I've received 2 notices and a phone call (recorded message) that as of July, my phone is piece of shit. They network that they are cirrently using will be upgraded (Cingular) to a better network, and I'm shit outta luck. Great way to sucker all of us non-contract people (and even those close to termination of their current contract) to HAVE TO sign up for a 2 year contract in order to get a phone that works.

To top that, I saw a new bit on tv tonight that says the government has mandated tv station sto upgrade to digital in stead of their current analog. This means that all non-digital tv are worthless (unless you purchase the digital converter - currently no in production, which means no price is set). I also heard that each household is supposed to get 2 $40 each vouchers towards the purchase of 2 of these magical digital converters.

Only a matter of time till they "upgrade" the car fuel so that we all have to purchase new cars.


  • At 9:19 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    We can't win for loosing can we? It's true, everytime I turn around something or someone is nickel and diming me.

    Income tax, although was kinda nice to us this year. It was actually worth the dang stamp to mail the thing in.

    Happy St. Patricks Day!


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