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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday - cute song heard on the way home from dojo

Odd how the timing of some things just seems to be perfect. For example, last year Logan's favorite song was The Heat is On, which is sang as "I'm 3 years old". He indeed was 3. Now he's moved on to Doctor Doctor (Thompson Twins) as his favorite. But I was driving home from sword class tonight and heard a song on the radio about a dad and his 4 year old (Logan is now 4). Some of the lyrics (like the chicken nuggets ) are a little corney, but man that song hit a chord in me.

Here's a link to the video on Youtube.

It's called "Watching You", by Rodney Atkins.
It's all about how a 4 year old boy is watching his dad, and picking up cues on "how to be". Man, do I ever know how that feels!

Last week Logan and I were in an "I love you MORE" contest, when he decided to give up, but in a most unusual way. Right after our 4th round of "NOOOO, I love YOUUU more", he looks at me and says
"Dada, you can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I've been practicing piano (Casio keyboard) more recently. As well as strumming away on my guitar. The boys have their own guitar and keyboard. Through trial and error, I was able to learn to play "Don't stop the rock" by Freestyle on the keyboard. I got it down so well that the boy thinks I recorded the song for him. When we jam to it in the car, he'll sometimes say "Thak you da, for making this song for me. Too cute.

In the Watching you song, he refers to the son as Little Bear. It reminded me of some of the nicknames Ive had for the boys over time. Logan's nickname was "My little pierogi". We're slovak, and I love pierogi!

Lance has probably had more names. He was the fartingest little boy when he was a baby. And Logan is a wild card who laughs all the time (and acts silly), so I called them "Toots and Giggles", when they were together.

Another Lance name was given to him by his then 2 yr old brother. We tried to get Logan to say "Ba-BE", but he always said "Ba-bee-bee". So we called Lance Baby Bee.

Or my little Jelly Bean.

Logan was called "Your Majesty", and Lance is still refered to as "My tiny King". The tiny king reference is an inside joke. The wife has phots of her a a very young age, with a baseball cap on that has the letters TP on it. She said it was for Tiny Princess, but I've always joked her by saying that it was for Toilet Paper.

All us boys still have a bit of chest congestion. Gets really bad in the mourning, but after an hour of being up, it lessens. But the wife has been hit the hardest lately. Always tired, out of energy, upset stomache at the mere mention of some foods. She made a dr appointment for Feb 7th. Guess we'll find out then about how long it'll be before she gets to feelin better.

Karate stuff
Tonight was a pretty nice night at the dojo. Only a handful of little ones for karate, and 3 others for sword. The head instructor took the kids, and left me to go over the first sword with the iaido people. I wanted to take Logan tonight, but I think it's better to limit him to Thursdays. This way, he don't get burned out, turn against martial arts, or against me for yelling at him to stand still and quit running around. I love having him at dojo, but there are some times (like when trying to talk to adults) when he can drive you up a wall. Although it's held in a church, it's a HUGE church, so I constantly try to keep an eye on him. One on him, one on the teachers, one on the students, one on myself ---you get the idea.

To keep the kids interested, I instituted a neat system of rewards where the students will accumulate points for attendance. Over the period of 6 months, when will have earned prized like custom made karate headbands, and even their own sparring gear.

Another thing I'm working on is having theme nights. Like maybe doing a cardio "tae bo" styled class one night a month. I got the go ahead tonight to plan a Kung Fu night for the kids. It'll be neat to pass on mwhat I learned in Shaolin kung fu. Because of the use of animals, I think it's so much easier to captivate kids interest with kung fu than karate. Soon, we will put that belief to the test.

Also discussed tonight were plans for the 2007 Homecoming Seminar. We'll have people from Va , NC, and a few other states attending. It's a good thing we have a HUGE gym. I'll post more on that as plans are set.

Well, I have an hour to browse the web and then head for bed. Night all!


  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    I love that song! It does bring those goose pimples to you. But I wont' tell anyone you were effected that way. =O)

  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    I love that song, too. It came on the garage radio yesterday, right as I was fed up with a truck repair.

    I was ready to throw a fit or a tool, but then I saw my boy standing in the driveway and I heard that song. Good timing.


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