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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Screw it, bring on the new year!

Over the blues - done with the blaaaaaas. It seems (through visiting a few of my fellow dad blogs), that the time of year is when we have the most to write about, and have neither the time nor the urge to do so. Add in my recent dojo fiasco, and I've really been reluctant to put anything into writing.

But, it's a new year, and with it come renewed resolve to "say it like it is".

Today, after waking up, my miniature dark lord ran to the bathroom and threw up. This was right after my even more miniature dark lord tested the holding capacity of his diaper, with less than desirable results. Great way to greet Thursday, huh?

An our later (decision time of whether to take big boy to skool or not), he was feeling fine and wanted to go. His throw up was entirely yellow mucus looking stuff - probably the result of post nasal drip and a pissed off tummy. He looked, acted, and felt fine, so I took him to skool .

After pickign him up (and signing the incident report of how he banged his head on the playground equipment), we came home for lunch. As I set the bowl of macaroni and cheese on the table, he started crying and said he couldn't eat it. A mid grade fever struck out of nowhere, and he was feelign like shit. He was upset that I would be mad if he didn't eat. After calming him down (and reassuring him that dada was not going to be pissy over macaroni and cheese), baby brother went down for a nap, and I got big boy to lay down as well. Then both napped (baby for longer than Logan). He whined, cried, fussed, and wwas burning up for about 2 hours, and then came the miracle cure. Kinda. He asked for some applesauce. We have strawberry flavored applesauce, in single serving tubs, and that rought Lazarus right back from the dead. He still had a fever, but was laughing, and singing, and rather chipper. The wife said after I left for dojo, he played nicely, and went to bed early.

Must be some virus goign around. Darth Lance has had liquid shits for 3 days now. That nasty acid-type poop that they boys used to get when they were teething. The kind that if you don't change the diaper with minutes of them pooping, it starts to burn their little tooshy.

Both are fast asleep now - but it's gonna be a restless night for me. Even if they sleep through, I'll be waking ever few hours to check on them.

I have more to share - but I'll break it into different posts..


  • At 12:58 PM, Blogger Angel said…

    ahhhh I've had those days (and nights)

    I hope they are feeling better.


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