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Monday, December 18, 2006

Singing kids

Today was a very nice day. After dropping Logan off at preskool, Darth Lance and I headed over to the grocery store for cookie dough. Logan, at his new skool, has been practicing for a "Christmas Program". About 20 little ones (ages 3-5) were going to be singing christmas carols for an audience of family members and friends. Each family was asked to bring 2 dozen homemade cookies.

THE COOKIES: At first, it crossed my mind to just buy some Keibler Softbatch, and spread them out on a plate. But I figured I'd have some fun, and bought the already made dough for sugar cookies. Instead of huge ass cookies, I made them children sized. But when I pulled them from the oven, they looked so damn plain. I fumbled thru the pantry and found some red and green sprinkles. But these damn sprinkles just rolled off of the cookies. They were still hot, so I poked one with my finger to make a hole, and put the sprinkles in the hole. VIOLA! My raid also turned up a package of green icing, left over from Shrek cookies, so some of them even got drosted around the edges.

THE PROGRAM: It was adorable. Well, ----ok---- if you had a kid in it, it was adorable. I did, so it was. Video taped the whole thing. Sure wish I had video of things that I did as a kid. It'll be nice to show the grandkids (one day) the first school program that their daddy was in.

The children as all nestled, all snug in ther beds, while visions of Ebay dance in their heads. I'm off to cruise the web.


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Margaret said…

    Kids pagents are so cute - and you're right, when it is your kids. Kudos on catching it on video!

    We're making more cookies tonight and Friday. I made at least 20 dozen two weeks ago and who knew that Daddio was a Cookie Monster?!

  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger Angel said…

    My daughter is in preschool and had a show this year. They did a small play based on a book and she was a sheep. Sooooo cute. Then they sang. I could hear her. hahaha.

    And way to be creative with cookies SAHD!!

    I have a baking business. I probably made hundreds of dozens. I was glad I was done for now. LOL


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