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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Whoa - what happened

It's 7:30am, ona Saturday. Both boys wake up - I change the little ones diaper as the 3 yr old heads to the potty for a tinkle. The wife says she's headed to a class at the Y that starts at 8. BOth kids give me hugs and kisses, they pile in the minivan, and suddenly, I'm all alone (save for 3 cats and the dog). THis is pretty neat - but it happened so sudden, I'm still in a minor state of shock. (AND, kinda lost - what the hell do I do now? Still got an hour before heading off to aikido class).

Anyways - I was clicking on the features of that STAT program (located near the bottom of my page), and found some interesting things :

1. Some one else out there has not received their rebate from Mach Speed. I wonder if they got screwed just like I did. I'll say this again in the future, to make sure search engines pick it up - MACH SPEED SUCKS! They will rip you off for your rebate. THey also will not inform you that they ripped you off. They will just sit back, laught at your ignorance, and blow your rebate money on hookers and drugs.

2. I'm not the only poor bastard that Wolpoff and Abramson have gone after for old credit card debt. They won a judgment against me last year. Good luck gettgin anything though - ever hear the phrase "Can't get blood from a stone"?

3. I found another dad blogger that has a nice site (and a link to mine - many thanks!). Please check him out at DANGER POP.

Just a bit of advice - if you add someone to your link bar, send em a message or email letting them know. I'd hate to miss out on some nice blogs cause I never knew they were there. It'll also help to develope a broader community (broader- meaning bigger, not that more chicks are involved-hehe)

Well, off to see what the kitchen has in store for me. Happy Saturday everyone!


  • At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Brent said…

    Advice taken Lord Vader. You are right though, this would be a nice courtesy that we should all extend to one another. Thanks for the plug here, I'll be coming back to check for updates often. One other thing, you may want to give Google Analytics a shot for Stats. It's free and you can block your own IP etc.. Deep stuff.

  • At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Art said…

    Hi Darth,

    I'm Art and I admin I have a link to you and would appreciate a link back, if you'd be so kind.

    Keep up the good work and happy Saturday to you.


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