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Friday, June 23, 2006

Quick update

Logan and Lance have started swim lessons at the Y. Lance is taking to water like he is a fish. Logan is using his superior intelect to design any reason he can why he "can't like do that anymore".

I erected a large multi-roomed tent in the backyard. Tuesday the 5th , after taking Logan to sword class with me, we ended up spending the night in the tent. It was his first time "camping".

The heat upstairs is almost unbreable. Im suprised the computer hasn't had a melt down. I plan to move an AC unit up here soon.

The baby was playign in the fish tank, and as a result (unknown to me for a few days), had cranked up the temp on the heater - he pretty much fried all of the guppies. Only 1 algea eater remained. (and a shitload of snails). Tonight, (the temp was normalized days ago), I discovered that the algea eater was no longer with us. His skull and spine were, but the rest of him had disappeared. He was the only thing in the tank, besides the snails. And Im talking very small snails, not those monster sized ones. Either the cats ate the fish, and then replaced the corpes in the tank, or those are some serious f*ckin snails!

The boys are sleeping, the dog and cats have beed fed, I remembered to take out the garbage ---- not to shabby for a Thursday night. I'll update more when I get that AC unit in the window.


  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Phil said…

    Air-conditioning... Best invention of the 20th century! I could do without my TV, cell phone, computer, even the refrigerator. But don't take away my A/C!!

  • At 2:44 PM, Anonymous chip said…

    swimming lessons and tents, two excellent parts of summer! My kids always absolutely loved swimming lessons, and though they don't take lessons anymore still like going to the town pool. And we also have a big multiroom tent in the backyard. The kids really like it, and I position it in the worst, weediest part of the lawn to kill off the weeds.

    As for AC we're lucky and don't need it, it usually cools down at night enough to cool off the entire house, then we close up all the drapes during the day to keep the cool air in. And we each have fans in our bedroom which make a huge difference. But then again, we live a lot further north than you guys.


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