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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sick sucks

Update on the previously sick cat: He's healthier than ever. Active, playful, and purs a lot more than he used to .

Update on the rest of us: All except the wife are sick. The oldest boy started having a congested couch a few days ago. No other symptoms though. After 2 days of that, he had a fever and refused to eat. Next mournign , we had him into the Dr, who prescribed Amoxicillin and some steroid that supposed to aid in calming the chest down.

The baby has been in very shitty spirits for the last 2 days, and now I too am bad off. I have a stuffy head, blocked sinuses, generally feel drained and am bringing up phlem when I couch. On the good foot, I still have Amox for me (in pill form) from a few months back.

Tomorrow mouring, I have to give 3 presentations at the wife's skool for Career Day (I'm a magician - I wanted to give a presentation on being a samurai or an At Home Dad, but they shot both of those down. The even wouldn't let me come dressed as a Ghostbuster and just make stuff up).


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