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Monday, April 10, 2006

Did I get desert?

ha ha
Actually, knowing that no matter how much I bitched, I was still going to have to pay full price, we DID actually raid the desert bar before we left. Green jello, a cookie for Logan, and ice cream all around.

No matter how fed up I get with a place..... there's ALWAYS room for Jello!


  • At 4:43 PM, Blogger Jeff said…

    rock on Shannon.

    Always room for Jell-o

  • At 4:51 PM, Blogger Publisher, The Whited News said…

    Shannon, I laughed so hard at this that I had to copy and paste it into an email that I sent my brother....I had a similar experience recently at a mexican joint, where damn near everything about the entire order/experience was screwed to hell. Listen, It's like the mongoliam BBQ place, where you get your card stamped...I had 2 stamps when I walked in. I ordered 3 burritos to go. The dumb bitch stamps my card once. Now there are three stamps, right? Are you with me. I gave it back and asked her to stamp it for my other two burritos. She snatches it out of my hand, looks at it, and says "You have three stamps". I said, calmly, "I had two previous to this purchase"....she sighs like I'm the dumbass and stamps it 2 more times and says "there." Then she give me burritos in 3 tin foil containers with no lids. I told her that I ordered them to go, which I'm certain I did. She looked at me like I was the dumbass here, again.

    By the way, did I mention that she charged me 23.14 for an order that was supposed to be 10 bucks?


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