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Saturday, July 30, 2005

I got no idea what to title this one

After a thought provolking workout Wednesday, I found myself willed with so much Zen that I was brimming with ideas. Had a whole buncha stuf o blog about. That was Wednesday.

Thursday, about 40 minutes into Muay Thai class, my partner made a conection that send his foot itnto the pads...the pads back towards me - my hand (holding the thai pad) into my face - my cheek into my canine tooth...and the rest was me drooling blood for the next 20 minutes. I ended up with a purple/swollen upper left lip, and a nasty 1 inch long cut inside my mouth (also on the lip). It's getting better, but Im afraid all that wisdom shit flew right outta my head upon impact. If it comes back, I'll be sure to write it down.

FAMLIY NEWS: Tonight, after leaving a resteraunt, Logan and I were holding hand, walking to the car..when we heard a very loud cricket chirping. He looks up at me and says "Bad bug". I said " No - good bug...he's happy....let' listen to him sing". We bent down, and listend for a little bit (as the family continued to the car). As we walked away,I remembered that famous encounter that Caine had with Keye Luke's character on Kung Fu about the grasshopper. I said, in passing as we walked away (and with a really sweet Keye Luke accent)--"Do you hear the cricket at your feet?". I thought I had said it in passing, but at that moment, the boys arm pulled me, and I turned to see him walking on the sides of his feet......looking down. He was looking for the cricket and didnt want to step on it. I laughed, but felt very proud to share that moment with him. Perhaps I will call him "cricket" from now on, in memory of this.

NOTE TO ADAM: In retrospect, I wussed out on some of those throws. Sorry about that. Maybe it's cause of your height, or maybe I sense you're a bit tense when loading, that I didnt just "go with it" as I should have. On Monday, let's work on throws again. This time, I'll try to be braver. to bed.


ps. The sensei that sends out the emails in that Yahoo group I talked about is Furuya Sensei..big Aikido dude.


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