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Monday, July 25, 2005

Something to say

Well, a few months ago, the baby (Lance) started to say "dadadadadada", but then stopped as he started trying to learn the crawl. Today marked another first for him---he started to say "Bubba". This is a comon nickname that we call him, or refer to Logan when talking with him. Cool. Also, for the last week, the wife has put him in a regular high chair when we go out to eat, rather than keeping him in his carrier. We went to the zoo today, and Lance got to sit in the stroller instead of a bally pouch. I want to say that this was his first time in there, but the straps were just right for him, so I think Ive pushed him in it once before. But today was the first time that he really sat up and was able to see what was going on.

DOJO NEWS: Well, I blew off Wednesday and Friday (I made it to the Muay Thai class Thursday). I fear that Monday will take my disappointment at the dojo to an entirely new low. I will need to call to see if Judo guy had classes on Wed and Fri. No way else of knowing if there wil any judo class. ALSO, the 25th is supposed to be the return date of JJ the greater (the better jujitsu instructor). However, last week, when asked if they had heard from JJ the Greater, I was told "No, havent heard from her. Don't expect her back till sometime in August." In addition, (If you're reading this Adam), ya better show up on Monday. It would be disrespectful (and completely suck) if JJ the greater actually DOES come back, only to find no students for her class. I'm estimating about 80% chance that she doesnt show, but you never know. I have expected a call from her either way, but got nothing. Maybe I'll call her at work tomorrow and see what her plans are.

I guess if all else fails, I can always work on my (neglected) kung fu. Cept that the judo class is at 6, the JJ class at 7, KF at 8. SO if I show up at 5:45, I'll have to leave and come back later. It sucks getting psyched for class, then having such a delay. Guess time will tell.

Well, off to bed...been a long day. The wife had college classes all weekend, so I had the boys with no break this weekend. Monday is a playgroup meeting at a local park...if all the women dont wuss out cause of the heat.



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