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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nansemond Tribal Pow Wow

I took the boys to a really cool Indian Festival. The Nansemond tribe, part of the Powhatan (Pocohantas related) had a huge Pow Wow in Suffolk, Va. It was so much better than the previous Indian Festivals we attended at Chesapeake. The Chesapeake one seemed very commercial. Almost like people "acting" like Indians. But this festival was quite a site.

A large section was roped off, referred to as the "Sacred Circle". At one point, they had a dance for couples. My understanding was that you had to be

invited in the sacred circle, so we stood at the entrance and waited. I had Lance to deal with, but Logan managed to make it in. An adorable little girl (he calls her an "Indian Princess" took his hand and they walked right on in. (That's my boy!)

I have some really good pics of the participants, but I wanted to post the pic with the boys in them first.


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