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Thursday, June 01, 2006

When you're 3, the heat is on

Just a small tidbit for tonight:

I always burn my own music cd, and love introducing the boys to various songs. The other day, we were listening to "The Heat Is ON", by Glen Frey. I told him that it was a Fireman song, cause he likes firemen so much.

The next day, he starts asking for that song from yesterday - the one about the fireman who is 3 years old "Just like me". I ask him to sing a bit, and he sings...

"I'm three years old....I'm three years oh old....I'm three years old..."

That's when it hit me that he thought the lyrics were "Im 3 yrs old" instead of "The heat is on".

He also loves belting out the lyrics to "Ghostbuster" by Ray Parker Jr, "On Our Own" by Bobbie Brown (Ghostbusters 2) , and "Men In Black" by Will Smith. We LOVES us some Will Smith. When he was smaller, I adjusted the words to "Miami" and made it about Scooby Doo. Then we got "Jiggy Wit it", chased aliens in "Men in Black", fought bad robots in "I, Robot". Todaym in the car, he wanted to wear his sunglases. He told me to wear mine too, and that we were Men In Black. But he made it very clear that HE was Will Smith. Guess that either makes me Tommy Lee Jones, or that talking dog.


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