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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Aw shit - I need a time out over here

Not a bad one, where I sit in the corner for having done wrong. I just need an official time out for dealing with some stupid shit.

The vet from Banfield Vet hospital (Linked with Pet Smart in Chesapeake Virginia), must be either blind of really fuckin stupid. I took my cat in for a urinary trac problem, and he tells me that there was no sign of crystals, and that the blaockage was bacterial in nature. Just treat it with this expensive ass Clavamox twice a day, and he'll improve in about 2-3 days. Well, there WERE crystals - the cat was in agaony for the 2 days that I had him in isolation, while giving him the drugs and expecting him to get better.

This mourning, I took him to our regular vet, who immediately put a cathater in him, drained his bladder, and started an IV to get fluids into him. They said that medically, they think they were able to get to him in time, but he is severely depressed and affected by the duration of the problem. I'd like to go back to that first quack and kick his ass. I'm seriously debating (or researching) my rights of either refuting the credit card charge for services, or demanding a partial/full refund.

TONIGHT: The cat had blood work done, and those results came in shortly after they released him to me (for the night). The vet called home, gave me the restuls, and recommended that we place him in an overnihgt emergency vet clinic, so that they could monitor him better- as well as begin tryign to bring his Potassium (an dother) levels back to an acceptable range. So Tigger is at the clinic as I type - ($200 hotel room with awesome room service). Gotta see how he does tonight, to determine what the hell they're gonn ado with him tomorrow. Either gotta transport him back to the original vet, or leave him with the clinic he's at.

I need a nap.


  • At 10:06 AM, Blogger jd said…

    Holy crap! I think you should call that first "vet" and tell him you want a refund for his services. If he doesn't do anything call you credit card company. That's terrible! I hope Tigger feels better real soon!


  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger Butterfly said…

    I would be livid. Our cats are an integral part of our family. Just march back there with your cats actual diagnosis on paper, and refuse payment!


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