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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quite a day

Today was a rather unusual day. The boys were pretty good, and we tried a few new things today. For lunch, we ventured out on a bike ride, and bike rode ourselves all the way up to McDonalds. Parked the bike and taxi in their playground area (and chained it up), went in and had lunch. On the way back, as I was mentally patting myself on the back for saving on gas, the bike started to make the most loudest and ear wrenching screach. It is coming from the bearign area between the petals. For a mile, on the way home, everyone was turning to see what the hell that noise was. I was wondering if it was going to make it back home at all. But we did.

Another first tonight was that Logan got to go to sword class with me. Kinda. My sword class teacher had a heart attack last week. I've only got his email, so I wasn't sure if he'd be at class or not. I'm (unofficially) second in charge of the iaido class, so I felt I had to go. I also didn't want to stand him up, if he was going to take the time to show up (after a heart attack and all).

I was the only one to show for the sword class. The teacher had been there Monday, but didn't come tonight. Figuring that, even if he DID show up, it would be best to skip training and just have a light class, I brought Logan along. It turns out that we had a decent showing of people tonight (including about 8 little people). Not wanting to piddle with how the stand in teacher is flubbing up the karate class, I decided to break off and take the little ones with me. This would allow me to not be part of the mayhem of the other class, and also let me better keep an eye (and 2 hands if needed) on Logan. They had a blast!

I played with them, and got them to do various rolling exercises and such. Then we did randori (kid style) for about 20 minutes. For the remaining time, I taught them kung fu. It was neat seeing how much better they responded to animal styles instead of boring karate. My old sifu must have ha a ball with his classes.

Anyways, Logan got to play with other kids, and got to actually (kinda) be part of an official dojo karate / kung fu / sword class. I packed his hakama (samurai puffy pants), so he looked like a mini-me runnng around. I got pics and video.


Our adopted stray (adopted when a kitten, now 4 years old) has developed a urinary tract infection. Took him to the vets yesterday, and $300 later, came home with clavamox for him. He deosn't seem to be eatting or drinking anything (or not much). He's grown increasingly lathargic as well. Could just be stress too. Yesterday, after we returned, he ran and hid for 3 hours. Not wanting to play "where the hell is the kitty" anymore, I've kept him isolated in the bathroom since then. Great for finding him, not so great for his morale.

Earlier today, when I checked on him, he reaked of pee. Which is actually very good. It means that pee came out. I just hope that his spirits pick up - or that he gets better before it kills him. Poor thing - and although the bathroom is the only room we have we can keep him in, it seems SO rude to put him in a room where we keep popping in to take a leak. Kinda like putting a fat person on a diet, and then chaining them up in the kitchen.

I'll keep ya'll posted on how the cat's doing - and I'll see if I can post a pic or two from tonight at the dojo.


  • At 3:11 AM, Blogger Phil said…

    We have two cats, one of which got hit by a car about eight years ago. Cost us $2000 for surgery on his leg. Stupid cat. Took us five years to pay that damn bill off. He's been worth it in the long run, though, as he's very affectionate with the kids. They love him, almost too much at times. He's getting a little old for dress-up and chasing.


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