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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

My goal for tmorrow (Sunday) is to not make my wife feel like the delinquent idgit I really want to make her feel like.

Today, we were all out in the backyard. The kids were playing on monster playground, I was workign on the water flow pipes nearby, and the wife was in a chair at the bottom of the slide. She was positioned so that she could catch the baby as he plummeted to earth down the slide. And she caught him, most of the time. The Logan decided to take a bokken (wooden samurai sword ) up the ladder with him. She told him not to take a sword up (he already had it up), and she told him to send it down. He sent it down the slide. Then, HE came down the slide, impaling his right cheek on the non-removed-by-mommy sword (who was a mere 2 feet away). He ended up with a half inch cut above his mouth. I cleaned him up, traiged him, and decided that although it was deep, it was not all the way thru, not was is very long, so stiches propabaly weren't gonna happen. After a call to her parents, she's now worried about scarring and long term effects of the injury, so I agreed to have her call the perdiatrician people's answering service, and find out what we need to do to get him "seen" by a doctor. They referred us (neccesary for coverage by our insurance) to a kids hospital, and within minutes, the boy and I were off on our adventure. The wife and baby stayed hom, as it was close to the baby's night night time, and Logan really wasn't in any danger. A 15 minute trip led to 3 hours of waiting in the waiting room, followed by an hour of waiting in the actual assigned room. (but at least the room has a bed to play with, and a tv with kids movies). And what was the professional opinion? It just happened to be the same thing I did before we left the house. (Minus the cold washcloth to reduce swelling and decrease blood loss.). They recommended no stitches (not even that magic super glue they use now), and said to treat it several times a day with anti-biotic-ointment (or, as I called it when I put it on him before leaving the house - Neosporin).

Not wanting her to feel bad, but still having to allow it to leap from my mouth, I asked her "You tol dhim to send down the sword. Besides 2 ft away, where the hell were you when he attempted hara kiri? Why didn't you move the sword?"

Sha gave some lame ass story about how she was watching Lance (our 1.5 yr old), and looked away from the slide for just a moment. Obviously a moment was all Logan needed to get hurt. It's not like you can't hear the THUMK of a wooden katana coem down a plastic slide, and land at your feet. Dum Dum Dum!

On a lighter note, my mother wanted me to come over last weekend and roto-till a small patch of her yard for her. She has one of those small personal sized rototillers. I had to work last weekend, so I phoned her today, to see if she wanted me to do it. She still hasn't returned my calls. She upset about something, and I have no time or care to devote to playing the "What's my mom pissy about this time?" game with her anymore. We also tried to contact her today to invite her out to dinner for mothers day. I think we'll call her once ot twice tmorrow, and if she still avoids us, we'll drop some flowers on her door or something.

When is Father's Day?? Im nice. I need some things.

For presents, I've been personalizing a large picture frame for the 3 moms (the wife,my mom, and the MIL). It's a large 11x14 white frame, with room in the center for a 5x7 pic. I took Logan's hands, painted them, and made handprints in blue and green in 2 corners, and need to put Lance's handprints in th eother 2 corners. (I say NEED TO cause I can't find the goddamned paint! I may beed to make a trip to Walmart tmorrow, just for soem poster paint to finish the project).

On that note, I big you all good night. And make sure that you have at least something (ANYTHING) as a gift for your mom, and your kids mom. And if the florist is sol dout, and you're not willin to sell blood for jewelry, do what I do ---- make somethign personal that she willl always remember. Take a moment of time, and capture it for her.

I';ll post pics of our frames when I find that damn paint.


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